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OXYGEN'S "Real Murders of Atlanta"

Famous Atlanta Murders.

Segments include:

Investigators arrive to the crime scene

00:50 Tearful & angry family member bares her soul

1:22 A cop catches the killer in the act

2:02 A cop has to give a family horrific news

OXYGEN'S "Accident, Suicide, or Murder?"

Previously ruled as suicides, new evidence sheds light on cold cases.

*Lead Editor - Seasons 1 & 2

*Emmy Nominated

Segments include:

Cold Open

00:51 Act Out

2:00 Coming up

A&E's "Who Killed Tupac?" 

A 6-part limited series that investigates 6 different theories as to who was responsible for the murder of world renowned rap artist Tupac Shakur.

*Lead Editor

OXYGEN'S "Mysteries & Scandals"

A 13 episode series investigating the murders of high profile celebrities. This episode deals with the deaths of Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith, and their over-prescribing doctors.

*Emmy Nominated

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